I am in the process of revamping my website. The main purpose being to include a Blog and remove the AMV section which has not been active for some time.

  Sorry fans of my AMV section. The site will mainly become my personal site again.






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    Website revamp in progress. I am finally getting around to reworking my entire website. The Anime Music Video Section is going down for good now. The files have not been up for some time so there isn't much of a loss. If some some odd reason you are in obtaining the database of information from it (not files). Please feel free to contact me. Future plans include a Blog, Trip Pictures, and various other stuff. Updates pending hopefully in Blog form.



     OMFG, it's been way to long. I am in the process of getting my website back up and running. Meaning the main website. This does not include the AMV files. Why? I simply do not have the bandwidth I had at college. I managed to find an awesome web hosting service for the main website so I am going to at least get started with that. No ETA on anything. I'll updare as much as I can on all the other pages before I start with the AMVs (Sorry).



     Wow, almost a year ago since I last updated this and about 3 or 4 months since the website went down. I am dropping this on a yahoo hosting service I decided to get to see what potential it might have for a permanent solution. I'll try and be more on top of this as time goes on but I hold a full time job now and I spend most of my extra time working on my StarWars Galaxies character.



     I finally got around to getting the revamped version of the AMV section up. Everything seems to be working fine. I also added a few new videos to the list. I still have a bunch on my hard drive that need to be sorted, pictures made, and info gathered for (many are from Otakon and other well known videos). Sorry to be sort but I have to get back to my class work I've been putting off.

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